Those of you who have read my last article on Paddle Tennis will already be at the head of the Paddle Tennis club and will want to further your endeavors by replacing your local Paddle Tennis Coach. This is a step by step guide on how to do just that.
Get Started

First you will want to follow my instructions in this article where I show you how to get started with your Paddle Tennissing committee. While at one of your club’s meetings ask a close member if they would like to go Paddle Tennissing with you. Set up the time and make this a regular habit. While playing, start to actively encourage your friend more and more. Make sure to suggest a few things here and there that will improve their strokes. This will help them realize you are not only a close friend but a friend that they can look up to in times of form breakdown.
Expanding your scope

At this point you must expand your scope to more people by asking them if they would like to practice with you. Make sure your close friend is their to provide answers to the other local Paddle Tennisers. Make sure the people you pick to practice with are decently needy people. Also ensure that you all practice at separate times but on the same day. (As time goes on and you gain more followers this will no longer be practical but make them as close in time as you can. Back to back practices are the best option.) This will allow the members to see and talk to each other and inevitably they will ask what the other person is doing there. Once they find out they are also there to practice they will worry that they will be surpassed by their peers. and they will want to practice with you even more.
Becoming the Coach in their eyes

When your practicing members ask if they can practice with you more tell them you will have to work it around your schedule considering everyone wants to practice with you. This will make you seem like a sought after resource. Remember what people can’t have, people want. Every time they practice without you they will feel an emptiness along with a need for instruction. When they remember practicing with you they will realize they need you and your coaching to reach their Paddle Tennis Goals. They will begin to look to you as a coach. You might even become a father figure to them.
Getting Paid

Tell them the only day you have to do it is taken by another member. But since they are a “close friend” they could take the other members spot for only $20.00 an hour. As your follower ship grows so will the price, although you do not need to mention this to your clients as of right now. Telling them that they are a special member will boost their ego enough to make them feel like spending money but don’t reassure them so much that they begin to think you need them. When you are talking make sure to emphasize the point that they would be replacing the other members’ practice time. By doing this you are providing just enough jealousy for action but not enough for a catastrophe.