What is Paddle Tennis

Paddle Tennis, also known as Platform Tennis, is a creative sport that requires concentration and skill. It is a great way to increase teamwork and agility in all players. To get into Paddle Tennis all you need is a racquet, a ball, a court, and a few friends. If you don’t have all these things don’t worry because there are places that supply them. The best option is to go to your local courts and talk to a coach to help get you started.


Why you should play Paddle Tennis

Paddle Tennis not only increases your agility, as mentioned above, it increases your social activity. It is a great way to meet people with similar interests. Paddle Tennis does not have to be a competition between two people but with two people. After getting to know people through Paddle Tennis, you can be the initiator of a Paddle Tennis club. The club could meet every week at your local Paddle Tennis club, but your club will be unique. It must be unique. This will boost your social activity along with your list of associates, making you a more popular and essential friend.


Steps to take to start a Paddle Tennis Club

After becoming a well know name at your local courts. Talk to a coach and ask them if you can a have a list of names and emails of Paddle Tennis players to start a club. If you get the list of names, email them a welcoming message that makes them want to join your Paddle Tennis club. In this email include the information on the club’s opening day where the members compete in friendly matches and bring snacks to share. Ask them to respond with whether they can attend. After the party is complete, continue emailing the members with information on weekly meetings with matches and prizes. You can even recruit some of the more dedicated members to the community board. At this point you can delegate tasks to the board members and make your life as the head of the Paddle Tennis Club complete.